No Stats For You! Has Dissolved

Earlier today, I went to check my account on the website since I had not done so in quite a while. For those who don’t know much about this website, let me explain that is a statistical measure that is aimed at giving website developers and owners an better idea of where their outlets stand in the larger scheme of all things Internet. I used this one sporadically and only ever with the free options and this was the sight that opened up on my screen.

Yep, it seems as this one is off to the great Internet beyond and one would have to assume that the amount of resources that are necessary to continually provide statistical measures were just too high against the money coming in from those who chose the professional package of services. Believe it or not my friends, websites of all different types can and do often go away. Just look back at Friendster, and so many more that I cannot line out here in this little narrative. So why even bring this up you might ask and well the answer is simple since I am one of those web providers who enjoys learning about this stuff and knowing how my creativity is being received by the general Internet public. In my real life workaday world, I used to be a Technical Support Supervisor so I have a pretty solid understanding of a bunch of technical principles and that makes me fascinated by this stuff. If you were a customer of I hope that you can get some kind of refund or at least refuse any past couple of months charges to your card if you didn’t know they were going away and they were billing you. If you are looking for some means of knowing your websites statistics or just feel like looking up sites like this one or my one, you can use any of these other resources. Each of them feeds different data pools to compile their numbers but its still rather interesting to see what’s going on behind the scenes in the websites you like.


All of these numbers are subjective of course and not a 100% perfect gauge on who is doing better at this than another. I will add to this that Google and Facebook are in the top two and when it comes to them, yeah I guess its more on point. At the end of the day, the website that gives you the most variety of entertainment and that brings you back again and again is the one that is doing it the best – at least as far as you are concerned. Returning to a website that you enjoy and commenting on its posts and sharing its existence on the myriad of social networks that you belong to is how you can show that you like what they are all about. You can learn more about Internet Web Traffic by clicking the Wikipedia entry below and its really interesting if this kind of stuff is something that you wish to learn more about. Farewell we hardly knew ye.

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