Netflix Reveals “Stretch Armstrong and The Flex Fighters” Official Trailer

Hasbro Studios will be showcasing their own animated series on the Netflix streaming service and its a modern day take on the popular Stretch Armstrong toy. The show finds a younger Stretch and friends joining forces in a series called “Stretch Armstrong and The Flex Fighters”. Take a look at the full trailer along with the casting of voice actors.

The Plot: Jake Armstrong, Nathan Park and Ricardo Perez were three ordinary teenagers in Charter City, until they were doused in an substance known as “Flexarium” during an accident. In which, their newfound superpowers garnered the attention of Jonathan Rook, the CEO of Rook Unlimited and benefactor to Charter City himself. In exchange for their freedom from authorities, Rook enlists the trio as Charter City’s superhero team known as the Flex Fighters (Stretch, Wingspan and Omni-Mass).

The Cast/Characters:

Jake Armstrong/Stretch (voiced by Scott Menville)
Nathan Park/Wingspan (voiced by Steven Yeun)
Ricardo Perez/Omni-Mass (voiced by Ogie Banks)
Riya Dashti/Blindstrike (voiced by Nazneen Contractor)
Dr. Racine Cleo/Dr. C (voiced by Kate Mulgrew)
Malcolm Kane (voiced by Keith David)

Jonathan Rook/Stretch Monster (voiced by Wil Wheaton and Miguel Ferrer)
Dr. Don Robertson/Multi-Farious (voiced by Jon Heder)
Circuit-Stream (voiced by James Arnold Taylor)
The Freak Sisters (voiced by Grey Griffin)
Jack Kinland/Smokestack (voiced by Clancy Brown)
Mickey Simmons (voiced by Henry Rollins)
Madam Tousant (voiced by Vanessa Marshall)
Dr. Sarah Kamen/Quick Charge (voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown)
Brick (voiced by Wayne Knight)
Mortar (voiced by Troy Baker)
Number Six (voiced by Luke Arnold)

Other Characters:
Erika Violette (voiced by Felicia Day)
Mark Armstrong (voiced by Gary Cole)
Gabe Bannerman (voiced by Josh Keaton)
Miya Kimanyan (voiced by Kelly Hu)
Kyle/King Jock (voiced by Josh Keaton)
Grace Lidstrom (voiced by Kelly Hu)
Grandpa Park (voiced by Sab Shimono)
Isabelle Park (voiced by Stephanie Sheh)
Officer Reynolds (voiced by Will Friedle)
Mr. Savic (voiced by Walter Koenig)
Malouf (voiced by Eric Bauza)

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I have to say that this one looks like its going to be a lot of fun and it strikes me as the perfect introduction to the younger superhero fan in your household be they a boy or a girl. Since the show features high school students, the show is loaded with very diverse characters to key into. Now, I’m going to add that the villains look pretty intimidating as well and since I have a Netflix subscription I might even give a few episodes a chance. Can action figures be far behind? Oh you know they’ll be coming since this is a Hasbro property. What did you think of this trailer? Does it look like something you will let the kids watch? Let me know down in the comments area.

Official Series Wiki:

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