My WordPress 8th Anniversary :)

The other day I received a notification on my WordPress Admin Dashboard that informed me that I had reached an anniversary as one of their users of this software. Apparently it was eight years ago that I first registered for my account for this blogging tool and wow how my media world has transformed via its use. Check out the cool announcement that they send you in this screenshot that my mobile captured.

WordPress 8th Anniversary

Now before anyone gets confused about this particular anniversary, it simply means that I have been using this WordPress software for my creative stuff for eight years now. I originally began my forays into blogging by using the Blogger tools but I preferred the way WordPress flowed for me and that it could be installed right under my dotcom names. Some might remember that my PiercingMetal website reached its own 10th anniversary in April and had its 5th anniversary back in May. Since I moved on from the old static website design in 2014, I’ve been presenting just about all of my PiercingMetal stuff for you in WordPress when it comes to the new things while at the same time continuing the massive overhaul of the legacy posts. Across the board collectively it looks like this: PiercingMetal posts 3,485, PiercingKen posts 370 and last but not least PiercingMetal’s Event Listings are at 218. That adds up to 4,073 total postings using WordPress and yes I realize that I had lined out that the main website featured over 5,500 pieces a couple of years ago. The difference here comes from my still doing some rebuilding of the old stuff into the new WordPress format. Anyway, I thought this was some fun stuff to share with you since I didn’t have anything pressing to get online. Suffice it to say I just love this medium as a means to entertain you on both of my websites. Its so much more powerful than just leaving stuff to Facebook in my humble opinion.

Thanks as always for your support and as King’s X sings, “If you like what you see, then go tell somebody” (of course they sang “hear” but you know what I mean). See you next time.

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