My Last Visit To Roseland Ballroom (4/9/2014)

The venue had officially closed only two evenings prior to these shots being taken and since I had to be in the city to see some newly made friends, I decided to take a slight detour to go pay a visit to The Roseland Ballroom one more time. I was hoping for some kind of phrase on the marquee like “Thanks NYC” or “Goodbye” but as you can see by these images this was not to be found. That was sad.


This view is from across the street and was often the spot where I would snag those marquee shots that I love to feature in the concert review blog headers. When you look at this view what is the first show that you attended here that comes to mind? I guess those who saw one of the recent Lady GaGa closing shows will recall hers. Mine was Lamb Of God and Killswitch Engage.


One thing I always loved about walking up to this space to do my concert photographer/journalist thing was seeing the bands name in lights. It excited me and maybe did the same for you. It felt really strange to see absolutely nothing represented here based on the closure of the space.


Ahh the lobby to the box office. Always a fun scenario as the staffer on duty had to rifle through stacks of passes and or tickets to see where your “stuff” was when you are heading in as a press representative. Sometimes it was there and at other times not so much. I was fortunate on more of the occasions than I was not.


Two slightly different views with the first from another angle and the final shot of the banner that hung above the marquee. I don’t remember that being there as long in all honesty



So there you have it. I guess these are my final photos of Roseland Ballroom and honestly I don’t really want to see it being torn down since it was a cool place to see shows. My Music Reporting Site Lament can be found HERE for those who are interested. Check it out and do feel free to leave your own comments on its closure there since I do line out some of my own experiences inside the venue over the years.

Goodbye Roseland Ballroom, goodbye to another cool thing in NYC.

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