Merry Christmas 2012 NYC!!!

Welcome to the 2012 edition of my now annual presentation of some of the holiday images that I had observed while wandering around NYC over the course of the last few weeks. For ease of the posting they are all named with the Christmas Day date, but I took all of them at various times over the month of December. I hope you don’t mind, so here we go and “Merry Christmas” to you all 🙂

“Oh Bank Christmas Tree, Oh Bank Christmas Tree” fa la la la la laaaaaa…..My journey starts with the Christmas Tree that I saw while I was waiting to be helped at my local Citibank branch. It looked nice so I snapped it. This action surprised everyone around me. So be it.

Many of my friends love penguins so I snapped this one as well. Sorry that I did not secure an image of these guys at night when they were all lit up. This is all about timing I am afraid.

The Christmas Trees were set up for purchase very early in my opinion but there is nothing like walking through the corridor of them and smelling that sweet pine scent. Love it.

This holiday tree was observed while walking down 57th Street, I was on my way to some kind of Metal event.

Sliding back to my home region of Bay Ridge, I snapped a couple of sights that caught my attention.

This Santa display was in a local neighborhood drugstore. I loved the Christmas Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well since they looked so cool.

This Christmas Tree was in the building of Universal Music. I had just done some of my usual stuff for the main website, and could not resist the chance to share this one with you all.

Yes you are seeing correctly. This is a fire hydrant in a Santa suit. I admit that when I first saw this I thought I was imagining things as well. Clever don’t you think?

Now I was heading toward the Society for Ethical Culture to catch the Blackmore’s Night show and I had to pass the Time Warner building. These next two shots show off their wonderful visual.

See. Pretty cool right? The show I went to was awesome as well but that is a post for another website which I am sure you know by now.

Found myself enjoying a holiday glass of wine with an old friend and the candle on the bar caught my eye. It’s message a simple one of “Hope”. I guess we can all use a little more of that right?

Here I am up at the Avenue Of The Americas around 49th Street and I was here to get a number of shots. Yes, the displays are the same but that has to be a cost measure since many of them are massive. Even though I have already shot these for an earlier year post, I tried to get some different angles for this time around.

The ice-skaters enjoy some time on the rink at Rockefeller Center. I did this many years ago. I think I would like to give it a try again sometime. Who’s with me?

Now without any further adieu, here it is folks, the one and only magnificent Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree…….oh wait, this is one of the many smaller ones that are positioned around the area. My bad.

Here’s the Big Kahuna of Christmas Trees. In the daytime I admit that this only looks massive and not as much awesome as it does by night. There will be photos of that later and you can tell me if you agree with me or not.

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