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Marvel Comics Announces A “Fresh Start” Coming In May

If you’ve followed my website for any length of time, you probably know that we love the comic book medium quite a bit and since there is going to be a LOT of news coming from the folks at Marvel Comics, I wanted to share a recent press release with our readers of The Chronicles. Take a look.

The Press Release:
A FRESH START. May 2018. New Creative Teams. New Series. New Directions. New Beginnings. Make Mine Marvel! It all starts today…Watch the FRESH START teaser video now….

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I’ve already said this on the news blast but I will repeat here that I don’t know how I feel about another relaunch so quickly after what appeared to be another relaunch with their “Marvel Legacy” but hey, I am willing to give anything a shot for a couple of issues at least. The weirdest part for me is that I was just getting used to the return of the legacy numbering of the currently running titles. I do love first issues as you readers who are following our monthly solicitations posts know so let’s see what happens. I’m going to venture a guess that most of the heroes that we see in the poster that was provided will be getting a brand new first issue and series over the course of the months. My hope is that they choose to keep the pricing of the issues on the lowest as possible side to ensure that they sell off the stands as fast as your local retailer can get them out of the shipment. Closing up, I’m going to direct you to PiercingMetal’s Comics category via THIS LINK and suggest that you bookmark it so you can see what comes out as a part of this “Fresh Start” initiative along with a whole bunch of other things. Now back to the regularly scheduled Piercing Ken content.

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