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LEGO Flatiron Celebration @ Madison Square Park

You’ll have to pardon my being super late about this news but it’s been a super busy concert month so far and we had that little event known as New York Comic Con happening this past weekend. The interested readers can click the highlighted text to see the narratives on – So this just had to be a super duper celebration, as the Flatiron District now has its own LEGO Store and there was a fun filled event held at Madison Square Park over the weekend. Part of the celebration was the construction of a giant LEGO Statue Of Liberty. I didn’t see this until my coming home from a Heavy Metal show at the Gramercy Theatre but snapped a couple of shots for you to see for good measure.

lego, madison square park, statue of liberty

This is really something and I hope that they decide to leave it here for a couple of more days so more people can see it.

lego, madison square park, statue of liberty

lego, madison square park, statue of liberty

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Looking at that statue I cannot even imagine how many of the LEGO bricks make it up but I will say maybe 100K of them since this is something like 20 feet high and a few feet wide. As you know these bricks are not small. Now as you know, both this website and my outlet attend the annual Toy Fair and have done so since 2011. We don’t always manage to get into the LEGO booth though since they are locked into bigger meetings but when we see their offerings I will take the time to discuss here or on the other website. It all depends on the licenses after all as superhero stuff can go over there while Charlie Brown level things would fit better here. That’s all I have on this my readers and I hope that you get to see the LEGO Statue of Liberty before its dismantled. See you next time.

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