It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day Today (8/17/2015)

Just a quick note to let you know that today is Black Cat Appreciation Day and since I have two such lovely felines in the creative command HQ, I wanted to give them their moment in the sun. I was lucky enough to catch them just before mealtime because they will nap after that and not enjoy being disturbed by that big human who feeds them and cleans the litter box. Pictured from left to right is Spooke and Shadow. Shadow is a rescue that has been with me for thirteen and a half years now and was hanging around my parents old house in Brooklyn now so long ago. She is the smaller one in the photo.


Spooke is actually her offspring and is now thirteen plus years old. Yes, Shadow was a young momma cat when I took her in an she has a great love of people even in her elder years. Now its time to let them enjoy the rest of Black Cat Appreciation Day and have treats and sleep once they are done eating supper. Love your pets if you have them.

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