Introducing “Echo”; Welcome To NYC’s Madison Square Park

I had been wandering around the city the other day and it was a bountiful day for a photographer to say the least. I had only just passed the “Figurations” exhibit that was up on the Fashion District and as I got to the vicinity of Madison Square Park I caught a glimpse of something giant and white. It was obstructed by some trees and it definitely bore a closer look see so over to the park I walked.

Presenting “Echo”, a massive forty foot high sculpture by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa.  According to what I would read on the plaque, the artistic piece is based on the Greek mythology Nymph and he used his neighbors young daughter as his model for the face.

I shot a few images from more of a straight on view but realized I was not getting the best drama out of the piece.  Either way, please enjoy these until I would move to a different angle.

These next couple were done in a fashion to enjoy some of the visuals around the sculpture.  I think this was really how we were supposed to be enjoying it in the first place.

I was glad that I paid mind and shot an image of the plaque because I would never remember all of the details.  Please read on to educate thine self.  I was very glad that the Madison Square Park Conservancy does things like this and I will make it a point to be more on top of the coming exhibits in order to share them with you on the blog.

In case the previous shot was a little too hard to read, here is a closer look 🙂 You’re welcome.

I mentioned wanting to get a slightly different perspective on the sculpture and chose this angle with the towering buildings off to the left hand side (well, my left hand side as the photographer).  I have to say that I prefer these two images against all of the others I shot.

How To See It: Sadly your time is short if you want to see this exhibit as its been “live” for a few months already and will be going away on August 14th.  So get on down to Madison Square Park on 25th Street near Madison Avenue.  You cannot miss it.

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