I’m Having A Chuck Norris Moment…..

While I don’t want to worry any of the blog readers here in the PiercingKen realm, you should know that I was quite ill for a couple of weeks thanks to a nasty bout of bronchitis in the beginning of June. I initially thought that this was a cold or a seasonal fever of some kind but the ever increasing temperature and cough combined with a real lack of ability to do much more than sleep found me hitting the doctor’s office and discovering what the malady was. I’m better now thanks to the antibiotics and that led me to share some amusing stuff in the side blog because while I was in the recovery state from the bronchitis I didn’t really feel like doing much of anything and the least of them all was shaving. You might not know this about me, but my facial hair tends to grow rather quickly, so I generally need to shave every single day. After not shaving for several days it was funny to notice that a healthy beard was developing and I could not resist sharing this at first with my Facebook friends and now you dear readers. According to some of them, I was becoming quite the Chuck Norris impersonator. It amused me to no end. Check them out below as these were taken between June 9-13.

The first one felt like a very MySpace photo that so many used to do, so while I kept it serious for the first one, I smiled a slight smile for the second.

The next day I felt this look seemed a little better, and I was not too happy with the first couple from yesterday. Remember I was on medications and not myself so I tried once more. This was one of the first photos I shared with my friends. Many of them have full beards so they welcomed me to their number.

I do have eyes, but really decided to keep the shades on during this since I felt that I looked a little spent from being so wiped out. I was sleeping at such odd hours during these two weeks.

My friends were having a blast with the Chuck Norris references, and a couple of my favorites included “when Ken Pierce looks into the mirror he sees no reflection because there can only be one Ken Pierce” and “when Ken Pierce goes to the gym he will never have a heart attack because his heart is not stupid enough to attack him”. Our trusty confidante the Finnish Ambassador Sammy said I could be the younger brother of Norris with this dead on look and Jumpin’ Joe Kaufman quoted the theme from “Hair”. I heard “we only have the Metal because I allow it” and that I sported some righteous shades. Needless to say this was all very helpful in getting back to normal health and the tasks at hand.

I’m fully better now and this look is gone and I am planning for the summer head shaving but perhaps when the wintery winds come a blowing this year I will give this look another shot and a longer go round. It might be fun. Only time will tell. Thanks for listening, it’s always great when you stop by this little website.

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