I Have A Lot To Share With You Readers

So here it is. The brand new parking lot outside of the Foodtown Supermarket. Were you expecting something else? Actually this is a pretty big deal because the space used to be the home of one of my very favorite restaurants ever called “Short Ribs”. They closed awhile ago and the place was plagued with failed business after failed business no matter how hard they tried. Then someone got murdered in the bathroom and no charges were filed since no guilty party was ever found. Still I hated to see the place torn down.

The new lot will give the store what appears to be five or six spaces at best. The original restaurant had parking which I guess it had shared with the supermarket at the time. So congrats to those who needed more parking more than another quality business. Let’s hope that the lines move faster in the store now that there will be more customers in there at all times.

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