I Am The Egg Man – In A Sense I Guess

Or should I have said “I am an egg man”?

Since the PiercingKen blogsite is often about some of the kitchen skullduggery that I involve myself in, I decided to invite you all over for breakfast. Well, in a manner of speaking that is. It was Saturday and the day before Easter and I was not only hungrier than usual for this kind of morning but I also felt like putting a bunch of stuff together and work out a recipe for you all to potentially enjoy. Sadly, I had not thought of taking individual shots of each and every ingredient this time around because not only have I done that before, but how exciting are shots of chopped up stuffs anyway. My goal this morning was to fix up a great omelet and I just love the things in all honesty. Write this down for reference okay? This one used three medium sized eggs, some sliced pepperoni, chopped up mushrooms, pepper jack cheese and salsa (of the medium hotness). I will type out the steps I took after you enjoy the yummy photos. Here is the final result on the plate with a tasty onion Bialey. Looks good right?

Here’s a shot from the side of the plate. I could not wait to sink my fangs into this one and finish enjoying the non-pictured but massive cup of coffee I had made. This was clearly going to get me prepped for the evening’s Metal show. In order to learn about that you will have to monitor my Official PiercingMetal Musings Blog (which I think a lot of you are doing as well).

OK so now the steps. For this particular omelet I used three medium sized eggs as opposed to two jumbo ones, and once they were nicely blended together I toss them into the medium pan. A small pat of butter was added for good measure.

After about thirty seconds of this cooking in the pan I tossed the chopped pepperoni, mushrooms and the cheese right on top to cook a little deeper into the eggs. Then the tricky part of flipping it was done but as you can see in the image I did alright this time. Figures on a day without company it comes out perfect. The insides were nice and cooked and the cheese super gooey.

This was the perfect fuel for the later evening Metal show that I would be seeing. That’s all I have for you now though. Back to your day you go.

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