I Am….A New Yorker :)

Did that title get your attention? Good, I had hoped that it would even with the slight flair of drama. So what am I on about this time, well, when I was heading out from the recent NY Comic Con 2013 down at the Javits Center I glimpsed up and saw this visual.


I might not have said it in this blog yet, but the Empire State Building is one of those sights that I think I can look at on a daily basis from any number of vantage points and never get tired of it. It’s been decades since I have even been in the building but I digress. I felt the connection of the building and the neon New Yorker sign worked out quite well. I hope you like it.

That said, I also shot one in the daylight and while nice did not have the same pride impact upon me. I guess I am strange.


I’ve been securing a lot of similar things from around the city these last few months so I will be striving to add them to the blog for you all to appreciate and share with your friends if the need came upon you. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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