“How I Roll” by Paola Pivi a Public Art Display (6/24/2012)

I love New York City. I have said this before and its largely because one never knows the kind of surprises that you are going to happen upon and such would be the case when I was heading to a concert with my good buddy Skeleton Pete yesterday. As we exited the subway onto 5th Avenue and 59th Street I saw what appeared to be a small plane on some beams and it was rotating 360 degrees. The plane is a Piper Seneca and it was a project that had been done by artist Paola Pivi as a part of the Public Art Fund.

I realize that this photo above might be a little difficult to read but you can hit the official website which I have linked below and see this very same text in the event that you want to read up more about this project. Next up are several shots of the Seneca going around on those beams.

It was interesting to see life carrying on as if nothing was really different in front of them. I mean people were looking for sure, but then quickly getting back to their own missions. Even I could only stop for a few minutes since we had to check in for the concert that Peter was photographing. Today I was a guest. That’s a welcome change.

As I watched this bit of art doing its thing, I almost wished it was a ride of some kind as I felt it would be cool to do this kind of loop from the cockpit. Alas it was not.

Oh yes, before I forget, here is a little bit about the Public Art Fund which I copied from their webpage for your edification “The Public Art Fund brings dynamic contemporary art to a broad audience in New York City by mounting ambitious free exhibitions of international scope and impact that offer the public powerful experiences with art and the urban environment.” That’s pretty cool isn’t it?

I’ll stop narrating for a few minutes and let you enjoy the next few photos that I captured.

At the time of this writing this art project is still very new in its installation but be aware that it will go away on August 26th of this year. To find it you only need to make your way down to 59th Street and 5th Avenue and know that this is closer to 60th Street. Either way, I think that you will not miss it when you are close as its kind of big.

To make sure you got the full effect of what I was seeing and presenting in this posting I shot a quick video of this display. It’s only a minute or so long as I captured it going around one single time before I had to get going. I felt it was sufficient enough.

This was just another cool reason to have a camera on hand when you wander the streets of New York City.

Official Website: http://www.publicartfund.org/PaolaPivi/

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