Hitting My WordPress 9th Anniversary :)

Today the notification hit my WordPress Admin Dashboard and reminded me that I had reached a new personal milestone as one of the users of this blogging software. According to the notification I have now been a registered user of WordPress for nine years and its been a great boon to my creative world for sure. Below is the updated graphic that I was presented with.

Photo - WordPress - 9th Anniversary

I love sharing the webcentric anniversaries here on the Chronicles and to reiterate what this one actually means, its not a creative scribe anniversary but instead means I have been using the WordPress software for nine years. Some might remember that I originally began my forays into blogging by using the Blogger tools but I preferred the way WordPress flowed for me and that it could be installed right under my dotcom names. PiercingMetal.com hit its 11th Anniversary this year and PiercingKen.com its 6th and I’ve been a full WordPress creative house since 2014 which permits a lot more fluidity in my creative edge. I no longer even miss the old static design in the slightest since by 2014 the smallest update required so much work. While there is still a substantial amount of “legacy” content to integrate into PiercingMetal.com, across the board collectively it looks like this:

PiercingMetal posts = 4,025
PiercingKen posts = 410
PiercingMetal’s Event Listings = 895

That adds up to 5,330 total postings using WordPress which isn’t too shabby since almost all of this is done by me at this stage of the game. The rebuilding process is now done as time permits because with the traditional site and its blog now one presence I am finding the need to post something new almost every single day. I’ve also been using this Chronicles blog a whole lot more than ever before to expand my voice and examine different things in terms of tourism and art so “time permits” is often a luxury I don’t have. I still love using WordPress as a tool and have recommended it to other bloggers and photographers who are looking to put something online for your enjoyment. I’m still leading readers to our posts using both Facebook and Instagram and Twitter so if you are using any of those social networking tools please come follow us. With the Facebook remember that you have to take a second step of selecting “see first” so you can actually see the posts. It’s always something with them I’m afraid.

Continued thanks for your support of these websites. Believe me there is more to come and since I’ve been very active on each websites main social networks I have linked them for you below.

The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken Socials:

PiercingMetal Socials:

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