Hitting A Decade Of Using WordPress (2007-2017)

So I am a few days late with this news but its been a little busy over here at the Creative Command HQ; The other day I received a notification on the WordPress Admin Dashboard which said that a super cool milestone had been reached and this anniversary is that I had signed up for WordPress.com some ten years ago.  Longer tenured readers know that I am using this blogging software on both of my websites at this time.   Check out the “Anniversary Graphic” and then we shall continue along.

As I’ve noted in past posts of this kind, I love sharing what amounts to a website anniversary or maybe with this its more of a blogiversary since its for the blogging software I’m celebrating here.  Ten years is a long time to be doing anything nowadays and while I’ve been using the WordPress software for that long, the main PiercingMetal website hit its 12th Anniversary back in April while “The Chronicles” is now just passed its 7th.  I should have gone to WordPress a little earlier with PM.com but was afraid to make the jump when this was something “brand new”.  Now, with both outlets fully using WordPress the creativity flows a whole lot easier than ever before.  Let’s take a look at where these two websites stand collectively.

PiercingMetal Posts = 5,150
PiercingKen Posts = 525
PiercingMetal’s Event Listings = 1,300
PiercingKen Event Listings = 350

These numbers amount to 5,675 actual posts across the two websites AND 1,650 Event Listings spanning both of their calendars. The number of posts on PiercingMetal as you read this is over 1K more than it was last year at this time and that is because I am still earnestly reintroducing my old HTML pages back into the mix using WordPress now.  Though I would have liked to be finished with the redevelopment by this time, the nature of online journalism is so reactive that there isn’t time to sit and focus on the old content as a prime directive.  Too much happens on a daily basis to speak about and you either keep up the pace or risk losing some attention to a website that launched three weeks ago.  As I’ve said before, in time all will be there.  I just don’t know when the heck that will be.  As far as “The Chronicles” are concerned, this website has also been experiencing a very healthy rate of growth as numerous conventions that I attended were better suited for here than on PiercingMetal.  While this websites original premise was to be the place where I would share all of my other pursuits instead of relegating them only to Facebook, it’s become a slowly rising Lifestyle medium with a very positive reception.  The addition of the same calendar software to this site only helped raise the volume of our creative voice.  I’m still leading readers to our posts using both Facebook and Instagram and Twitter so if you are using any of those social networking tools please come follow us and by all means suggest that your friends come along with us for the ride.  All of the links to these socials can be found below for your convenience.

My continued thanks for your support of these websites.  I think the best is yet to come.

The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken Socials:

PiercingMetal Socials:

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