Hey NYC – “Fanfaire 2018” Is Coming!

As I tooled around Facebook the other day to see what was happening in terms of interesting events to attend or support I learned about the 2018 Fanfaire and have provided some information for your attention. Check it out.

Here’s The Scoop:

About The Event: Fanfaire is an annual two-day festival, created by the Art & Design High School Parent Teacher Association. Fanfaire will celebrate creativity, entrepreneurship, and technology in the arts from cartooning and animation to architecture and fashion. This event will draw over 125 exhibiting artists and vendors as well as award-winning guest speakers who will be offering lectures about their careers and artistic processes as well as conducting workshops and portfolio reviews. The PTA created Fanfaire in its mission to provide funding for high-quality art programs, prepare students for academic success and careers as professional commercial artists. This platform will allow students of an art centric high school access to best of the global entertainment and technology industries that has relatable content with their futures in mind.

About Art & Design High School PTA: As a public school celebrating its 82nd year, Art & Design High School serves many students who live in underserved communities. In addition to the typical expenses any student would have, our students need professional grade art supplies and materials as well as opportunities for college exploration and career development that is unique in comparison to other schools. The PTA helps fund these critical needs and more for the students and school, and provide the necessary support for their families across all socio-economic strata, which is why we created Fanfaire.

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I culled the above information from the online media resources for the event. Access The Event Program and Media Kit For Fanfaire 2018 by clicking HERE

Piercing Ken Thoughts: As I’m busy setting up appointments for the upcoming American International Toy Fair I’m going to keep this brief and say that it sure sounds interesting and is cheap enough to attend if you are nearby to do so. Let’s add to the fact that the entry fee goes to the support of the school and its programs which is never a bad thing. As you longer termed readers know, we have been attending the NY Comic Con and the Toy Fair for years and if you clicked those boldface labels you’ll launch pages and pages of coverage that has been posted on my PiercingMetal.com website. Speaking frankly, I just love the idea of other conventions as they keep the hobby and geek interests flowing and build more of a community around the stuff. Sadly, the timing of this years event will find me not able to attend. Once the Toy Fair ends I have back to back shows and those will keep me hopping. Fanfaire 2018 takes place on the weekend of February 24th and 25th from 10AM to 6PM. What do you think of this information? Will you plan on heading over to it to see what is brewing? Let me know in the comments and do please have fun if you attend.

Official Website: https://www.fanfaireisfor.me/

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