Heading To NY Comic Con 2013

It is time for me to dial “G” for “Geek” my friends because I am heading over to the 2013 edition of NY Comic Con that is being held at the Jacob Javits Center. As result this little post is more of an “Away From Desk” notification but if you click the logo below you can once again enjoy the past coverage that I offered up to the readers of my main PiercingMetal Blog. I think you will enjoy it since it was such a good time.

Logo - NY Comic Con - 2013
I’m not attending as a press representative this time around and while I know that this disclosure must shock you, believe me there is no one more surprised than I was based on having done this massive show to the nines for three years in a row and offering up a few dozen posts and a couple of thousand photos from the proceedings. Luckily there was the means to secure a three day pass and I will be examining what I can over that time. See you all again soon.

Official Website: www.nycomiccon.com

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