Heading Off To NY Comic Con 2012 Today!!!

Hold my calls my friends because I am unreachable for the next couple of days and heading over to the NY Comic Con that is being held at the Jacob Javits Center. This will mark my third year attending the event as a member of the accredited press and while I shall be reporting on the proceedings for my PiercingMetal brand, I did want to put a little signpost here for you to examine my adventures as they get posted up on that site. You’ll need to click on the logo below to be brought to those posts and depending on when you do that will show posts as they have been added. If you’ve seen our other adventures at this fun event you know I do multiple posts across the span of days. Stay tuned for the whole batch. I’ve disabled the means to comment on this post since its nothing more than a signpost. You can leave any topical thoughts on any chapter that you are compelled to.

Logo - NY Comic Con - 2012

UPDATE: 10/14/2012: Okay we are back from the four days of adventure and to make it super simple for you to enjoy those photos and thoughts about the event, all you need to do is click the logo right above this paragraph. It will take you to the starter story which serves as my overview. From there the blog chapters are but a click away. Sounds like work, but trust me it makes proper sense when done like in this manner. Thanks for listening and now back to the sharing of whatever else I feel like in this blog 🙂

Official Website: http://www.nycomiccon.com