Happy Thanksgiving 2014 Readers

It’s Thanksgiving Day 2014 and I wanted to take a quick moment of your time to wish you a very, very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families and pretty much anyone who brightens the time that you spend in a day.


I have to say that I am very thankful for my amazing Mom and Dad who have successfully taught me the value of family and being sure that time is best spent with them while its possible to do so. Sadly I will not be seeing the folks this holiday and will be enjoying some eats with cousins but despite that I have to think that Mom is enjoying the time off from this detail now that they are living down South enjoyment retirement 🙂


I’m also thankful for the vast and varied friendships that I have made over the years and especially the ones that bring such wonderful energy into my personal world. I should say that while Facebook is nice when we see “likes” or a quick “hello” comment on a time stream, there is nothing quite as powerful as a phone call (mobile or those land things), a thought out email or even a kind text of a smile and choice words to those who helped you keep centered and enrich your day by simply thinking about them. We all have those types in our day and while we are all busy and sometimes get distracted its important to not let that stuff go because you are going to need it when things get you down and out. Its also important to extend this feeling of gratefulness and thanks long beyond this particular day. I’m thankful for my wonderful pair of felines, my Shadow and Spooke cats who are my world and never slow in the love department (even though I’m often the butler to their needs). If you have animals too you should be giving them a little extra today, its alright to do for sure.


Since these thoughts are being shared on one of my sites I should add that I am so very thankful and appreciative of anyone who decides that this stuff is of interest to them. Granted PiercingMetal.com is a whole lot of music and media overload at times but I am glad to have it and its worldwide readership and as far as this little spot of silliness is concerned, I’m glad that a number of you like seeing what I do outside of the more professionally focused medium. Believe me that I cannot say it enough. You help me keep it interesting.


Closing up if you should know someone who might be in need of some kindness please try to offer it up if the means allow you to do so. I don’t mean the fakes on the train that we often see during our commute but maybe drop some stuff off at a shelter or donate some time to someone who needs an assist. Kindness does not always cost you. Enjoy your day and once again Happy Thanksgiving. I love all of you 🙂

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