Happy New Year 2017 My Friends

On behalf of my beautiful black cat Miss Spooke and myself, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year 2017. Let’s hope that its a good one for all of us 🙂 As is my common practice, I’ve lined out a couple of guidelines that are good aspects of a positive year. Try a few of them if you can.

1. Life life in the real world and not just via Facebook or one of the other Social Networks. Sure its fun to share things on the networks but don’t focus on it as the most important thing in your day. I’ve watched it damage too much to be a fan these days and outside of feeding my other social tools to the profile and official pages, I have little use for it. It’s always a good idea to go over your social networks and do a little housekeeping.

2. Keep up with your family. Parents, Uncles and Aunts, Grandparents, Cousins etc.

3. Love your pets. They only stay with us for so long so make those moments count. Sometimes they let you include them in silly photos like I’ve done with my Spooke a few times. She doesn’t seem to mind.

4. Take on some adventures. You don’t have to go far away but can do some closer to home stuff. Get away when its possible. It lets you recharge. Museums and parks are great for this or just scenic walks.

5. Take Photographs: It’s so easy to do this nowadays since we all carry phones with cameras today. Where you post them is up to you. I do that via my personal Instagram and this website. Sometimes I share that stuff was done on Facebook but its only a sneak peak.

6. Be there for your friends but not at the expense of yourself. Let’s face it – some of the people we meet and keep up with just tax the spirit. Energy and time vampires or negative and complaining about every single thing are not healthy. Less of those types in your world is a good thing so clean that list up a little bit. It’s a better thing in the end.

7. Read: Read something whether its a full on novel or just a magazine or comic book. Let your mind wander.

8. Listen: Be sure to listen to the music you love and investigate new stuff. Go see some shows because there are always a lot of them happening out there. Support the bands that are striving to entertain you and if you have someone in your circle who is constantly in the loop listen to what they are suggesting. Yeah I am the recommending guy in most of my circles so…. 🙂

That should suffice. I don’t want to get too “preachy” or soap-boxing on you but just wanted to offer some tips. I’ve a lot planned for this website in both the serious reporting and the lighthearted observations so get ready for that. A lot of the daily routine is shared on my Twitter and the visuals of the moment on the Instagram which can each be found on the main page. Thanks in advance for reading and following all of this stuff. See you soon.

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