Happy New Year 2015 Everyone :)

Happy New Year 2015 my dear readers, welcome to a brand new year and I hope that it will be an awesome one for you. Have you made any resolutions? If so is it possible for you to keep them? I’ll remain hopeful that you can especially if its something simple. I actually didn’t do any this year but my plan is to keep at being as excellent as possible to those who matter the most to me and make my world all the more awesome.


2014 was an interesting year for me with some highs as well as lows and this is to be expected in life. If you had too many lows in your 2014 I’m going to cross my fingers that 2015 treats you a little better. We got your back over here at the Piercing Ken Creative Enclave that’s for sure 🙂


What changes would you like to see 2015 bring to you? Its almost a loaded question because most often the changes we seek need to come from inside ourselves first and foremost but I did pen a couple of quick tricks and tips that might keep you a happy camper. Check them out below.


1. Keep the loved ones close. This is probably the most important of them all and this is especially so when it comes to your folks because we don’t have a forever with them. Sometimes they move but regular calls and the occasional visits are paramount if this is the case.

2. “Liking” a Facebook Post or commenting is not keeping in touch with friends. Get that one clear into the head so don’t view it as touching base or keeping up with someone. These days almost everyone has unlimited text and calls on their mobiles so take a moment out of the day to keep up that way. It goes farther no matter how busy you find yourself.

3. Do you blog or shoot photos about the world around you? If you do might I suggest launching your own WordPress or Blogger account so you can keep all your living off of Facebook and expand your horizons. This whole lot of silly that makes up PiercingKen.com stems from my refusing to live by Facebook dogma and instead give you something else to enjoy online. The upside to this is keeping all your ideas in your creative control as opposed to not by leaving them solely in Facebook. You can always connect your social networks to your blog but its still all under your discretion and that is much better.

4. Animals. Do you have them do you give them your all? Good I hope so. If not and you have the ability to bring one into your home, consider a rescue but please make sure that you really want one and that it will not end up back in the street or on a countdown in a shelter.

5. Smile at the world around you. Its possible. Sometimes the day might stink but shrug it off if you can and move ahead with some focus.

6. Be there for the ones that make your day absolutely awesome. Let them know that they are awesome as well. Coffee, food, wanders, anything that makes that positive synergy stronger is good mojo.

7. Know that its okay to “unfriend” someone or “unfollow” them on Facebook. Yes we all end up with the occasion loon on our Facebook and I am here to tell you that it is absolutely okay to unfriend someone who just brings negativity and avarice to the fore. You also do NOT have to add those people who you spoke to for five minutes at a show or have not seen in 20 years and were never truly friends with in the first place. Make 2015 the year where your Facebook is almost all of your actual friends and business contacts.

8. Socialize Differently with your Network: I’m being clever here but since social networking is unavoidable these days let me offer up some ideas before moving on. Spend less time in your day on Facebook. It kills too much valuable time in my opinion. Instead, how about you use those photos of food you ate on Foodspotting.com or talk about an establishment that you patronized on Yelp.com to raise some awareness.

Okay that’s enough, I hope you didn’t mind the light soapboxing from me. I wish you and your families and friends an amazing 2015 and hope that there is nothing but good memories and positive experiences ahead of you. Now I better call my Mom before she wonders why I have not said “Happy New Year” yet 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015 Everyone :)”

  1. That is a great list and some valuable advice Ken. I hope you have a happy new year now and throughout 2015.

  2. .. I was just reading something that came up under a search for LAmour, and read something you wrote about walking down that block and remembering handing out flyers for your band Machine… And then I said to myself, I knew a band Machine, I had a cassette… Who was that? Some guy named Kenny! And then I read your name! But where the heck do I know you from? LAmour? Did you go to Bishop Ford? Hang out in a bar called Wavelengths? I know that tape is in a shoebox at my Moms!

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