Happy New Year 2012 From The Sole Red Solo Cup

Hey everyone, nice to see that you are finally awake and have gotten a start with your day on this brand new 2012. Did you have a fun New Year’s Eve with a cast of characters one can only imagine in the funny papers or did you just chill out in a calmer setting and raise a glass when the bells brought us into the new one? Whatever the case may be I hope it was a great one. I’m starting off the New Year 2012 with a visual from a little celebrity who is on an up and coming rise of his own. Yes, the Red Solo Cup. I caught up with him around lunch time when I found him just chilling out on a neighbor’s porch reflecting upon his night, his very popular theme song and how he will be approaching adventures of his own in the New Year. He didn’t seem to mind my snapping a photo of him, but he insisted that the exact location not be disclosed and of course no autographs were permitted. Hey, to each their own right?

Don’t feel bad if you were not aware of his now popular song, as he seems to be a forgiving sort, and will not be holding any grudges in the New Year. The song was done by Toby Keith and its a Country number of course. It’s a quirky little bit of melodic fun so I have embedded the video from a YouTube.com channel for your enjoyment. It speaks to the value of the Red Solo Cup family and if you have ever been at a BBQ, Tail Gate Hang, or some kind of band function you are very familiar with their benefits. Enjoy.

From the secreted think tank of the PiercingKen offices, I wish you and your families a very amazing 2012. Stay tuned for more.

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