Happy National Comic Book Day (9/25/2014)

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Hey my fine readers, today is actually “National Comic Book Day” and while this is far different from “Free Comic Book Day”, you will still be able to find discounts at your participating comic book retailer in their brick and mortar or online shops. I just wanted to get a quick post out to you because I’ve been a diehard fan of the medium for many years. Below is a mix of titles that I snagged at both Comic Con and the aforementioned Free Comic Book Day.


Collecting these things is a lot of fun but make sure to do your best to catalog and secure them properly in the plastic bag with the backing board for safe-keeping and better preservation. This pile below is being prepped for this practice after I sift through the ones that I feel are not going to be kept and can be sold or traded for other goodies. Might as well help someone along with their collection if I can right? I encourage as many collector’s as possible to do the same with their collection in order to help encourage new readers into the hobby. Let’s face it, there are not as many comic book stores around as their used to be so you would be doing fans a service.


I have to say that this particular “holiday” along with National Cheeseburger Day and National Cheese Pizza Day are three celebrations that I can really get behind. Are you a fan of this kind of stuff? What titles are doing it for you if the answer was yes? You can toss this into the comments on this post, I would love to hear what is entertaining you in case I have never read the book you speak of.

See you next time.

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