Happy National Coffee Day (9/29/2014)

While still surfing the web at 12:45AM I learned that today was actually National Coffee Day, and given my absolute love for the beverage I wanted to post a little something for you about it. The show below is actually from the previous mornings coffee in my Batman cup. This might be a Neal Adams rendition of the Caped Crusader but I admit that I have never looked that closely at the cup. Since it was also the 75th Anniversary of Batman this year I felt that this worked best as an opening shot.


I decided to follow in the footsteps of my other recent posts about the pizza day and the cheeseburger day by culling together images that I had used for various Foodspotting or Instagram posts and that lets me continue with a hot cup of McDonald’s McCafe coffee. I am not sure why they started calling it that but the stuff sure does taste good.


Summer ended a few short weeks ago, and during a lot of the days I did a few miles of walking in the morning with my friends. We would often reward ourselves with a cold cup of Iced Coffee from either McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts. During the summer months McD’s had a nice deal that let you enjoy any size of their McCafe’s for $1. It was fun taking advantage of this deal and I always opted for the largest available cup.



I’ve been drinking coffee for a very long time and actually since I was a small child. Mom never thought it was a bad thing and at the time no one was lambasting you for doing this. Thank you Momma. Below is actually the first coffee cup I owned. Yes I still have it but a bunch of years ago it fell out of the cabinet and broke. Its unusable now but I kept it for posterity. It’s also a Batman cup as you can see with a classic drawing that was in tune with the original television series animated opening sequence. I loved this cup and that is why it remains in my stuff.


The main reason I am posting this as early as possible is so that all of you folks who are heading off to the office super early can possibly take advantage of this glorious event. I am sure that both Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks will be offering some kind of promotion to their patrons so do keep your eyes open. On that note its time for this writers eyes to close, but don’t worry I will be celebrating National Coffee Day soon enough. The countdown begins now ZZZZZ 🙂

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