Happy National Cheese Pizza Day (9/5/2014)

Perhaps you didn’t know about this one either, but today is apparently “National Cheese Pizza Day” and while this its being referred to as an unofficial kind of national holiday; I like to think that I can get behind it with a little bit of gusto. I love pizza and to me there is nothing quite like the stuff we get here in The Big Apple NYC so what I did was gather up a few photos of pizza that I have snagged with my phone while out and about and making pizza the dining option.

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Longtime readers of The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken blogs know full well that I am an active participant of the Foodspotting application and you can look more into that yourself by clicking HERE. Now let’s get to some pizza photos. This first shot comes from my own neighborhood spot called Nino’s which is conveniently located right down the street from me. I’ve shared a few photos of some different options that I have had from this place. If you are in Bay Ridge do check them out, they’re in the 90’s on 3rd Avenue.





Next up are a couple of photos from John’s Pizza in Greenwich Village. There is one on 44th Street but that one is even more touristy than the one down on Bleecker Street. This is a very popular space so you might want to have your cell phone charged up to keep you occupied on Facebook or Twitter while you are waiting.



While we are in Manhattan, let me add this visual of a slice from a place called Gruppo’s down on the Lower East Side on Avenue B. Quick story I was out to say goodbye to friends returning to their native home and during the course of the night pizzas were ordered from Gruppo’s and while there was a vegetarian option, I chose to devour a couple of the “Meat Lover’s” pizza. It was super, duper tasty and I WILL go back to this place.


Sometimes I manage to get away from The Big Apple up to see friends who live up further in the Hudson Valley, and these next group of shots are from when my friend and I drove to the comic book store in New Paltz. All of the samplings were tasty. First up is Fat Bob’s. I opted for a mushroom slice and a buffalo chicken slice. I think I can become addicted to a buffalo chicken pizza slice in all honesty.



Next are a couple of offerings from Rino’s Pizzeria (and this place was right next to said comic store but you might want to go there after you hit the comic shop and not before to keep any unneeded pizza grease off of your comic books). With this spot I opted for a jalapeno peppers slice and a good old fashioned, ever trusty plain slice.



Since I just mentioned traveling let me add in something I found when visiting my relocated to the South parental units. Shortly after my plane landed we hit a spot called The Liberty Tap Room and this was your typical bar with several options for appetizers. One of the options was pizza and with my being from Brooklyn I was suspect. What arrived was a healthy sized appetizer small pie that was really better than I would have expected. Nice job Liberty. Next time I am 675 miles away from NYC I am stopping in to visit. Trust me on that one.


Back in Bay Ridge here is a visual of a Vesuvio Pizza Pie, well, at least seven slices of it. They still make a good pizza here and I remember them from way back when it was only a small pizzeria. Now its a big expanded restaurant.

Depending on your location there are some pizza shops offering up plenty of specials and even in some cases a nice free slice. So go out and enjoy some pizza today because you have an officially sanctioned day to do it (well almost sanctioned I guess I should be saying). Please let us know in the comments on this post where some of your own favorite pizza spots are and what you like most about them.

PS: If you should choose to sign up for Foodspotting (and I hope you do since its a lot of fun being a “Foodie” and sharing the great things you find out there) I recommend that you create your account via your email address as opposed to creating this from your Facebook. Doing it this way allows you to share to Facebook if you want to. Otherwise it will be there whether you like it or not.

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  1. Two of my favorite spots in Brooklyn, NY is Lenny’s Ppizza and DaVinci’s . Now that I live in PA, good pizza is hard to come by. However, Joey’s Pizza in Milford is pretty good!

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