Happy Mother’s Day To Those Special Ladies In Our World :)

Today is Mother’s Day and it is the day to toast those wonderful women in our lives that we call Mom. The one who stood by us through thick and thin, supported our dreams even if they were ones that made her shake her head and kept us eating good things while advising of smaller portions as age hit us 🙂 Since I have this lifestyle blog, this year I decided to also post some flowers not only for my own Momma, but also for all of the women that I have come to know over the years who have this title of honor and to reflect with a smile on those Mother’s who have left us. The lack of the winning lottery ticket prevents real flowers from reaching all of you individually, so this will have to suffice 🙂




Oh so what is this last photo then? Well, this is a toast to the Grandmother’s Mary and Jane who have both passed on from this plane but never from my heart and mind. Both of these things were on each of their kitchen stoves and that is where they reside now in my own Casa Ken. I like to think that they are guiding my cooking hand and offering up a little bit of culinary wisdom when I do my thing on this appliance. I also realize that the flash used for the image shows me that the back wall needs a little scrubbing. No worries ladies I will get on that after pressing “post”.


To all the Mothers of the world, please enjoy your day. Love you Mom 🙂 Thanks for everything you have done for me in my life.

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