Happy Metallica Day :)

“Happy Metallica Day” my friends! Okay, so while it’s not really an official holiday of any kind, the music sites all around the web are celebrating the fact that Metallica has a brand new album that was released today. It’s been eight years since they released anything so its kind of cool. Anyway, today there was a fun logo generator that you could create your name or band or whatever the heck you wanted to do and have it look like a Metallica logo. I thought it would be fun to generate a logo for this website and you can see that below.


Of course since this site name is pretty much my name in reverse, I thought it would be cool to do my name as well so here it is.


Now I should stress that I actually did this for my main music site first and even changed the sites logo to reflect this new design. I changed it to black with white letters and will probably keep it up on the site as our logo for the next few weeks. Its fun and I think it looks cool. Do you like it? I hope so.


That’s all I have with this one, just a little side distraction to get the thoughts out of my head. You can get your own “Metallica” styled logo by clicking HERE. Check out the new album as well since its really, really good.

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