“Happy Independence Day” 2017 America!!!

Hey there readers, it’s Independence Day once again and for those keeping count that means we have been doing this sort of holiday for 241 years since our Country was founded in 1776. That’s still pretty young when compared to some of the other nations of the world but that’s fine by me as I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. As I’ve done over the years, when a holiday rolls around I try to secure some topical images and share them with you all. Here are a couple of those images in celebration of our nations birth. My first image is actually of the small flag that hangs on the inside door of my apartment. Believe it or not I found this lying in the street some years ago after a parade and I couldn’t let that be the case so I picked it up, washed it off and gave it a good press. Now it hangs proud in the Creative Command HQ for The Chronicles.

These next two images are from my wanderings in my beautiful Bay Ridge neighborhood. This house often sets up a nice display but I’ve never seen the residents to thank them for always upping the decorating game for the area.

Now these next three visuals are from last year but no less patriotic since its the statue of the one and only Captain America. Last year in honor of the superheroes 75th Anniversary, a statue was placed in Prospect Park where it had a whole ceremony and would remain installed for a few weeks. I didn’t make the unveiling event but went a couple of days later to see it. Here are three of those images. It’s truly an awesome thing to behold for such an inspiring Marvel Comics creation.

captain america statue

captain america statue

I should mention that this statue is no longer in Prospect Park and was last reported down in Industry City, Sunset Park Brooklyn where its near a Bed Bath and Beyond outlet. I would have left it in the park but I am not involved in the decision making process for such things. Be sure to get a look at this in person before it leaves us for good and ends up in a Marvel Studios showcase in California.

captain america statue

Let’s close this up with the fireworks display that was put on this past weekend by the U.S. Army Fort Hamilton Garrison in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. They host an annual concert for the holiday and at the close put on a fireworks show. It was an on and off raining like the Amazon jungle day but it stopped by 9pm which allowed me to get in position to share this with you. It was shot by the Samsung point and shoot.

Learn more about our nations holiday via the Wikipedia entry below.

Official Holiday Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independence_Day_(United_States)

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