Happy Independence Day 2015

It’s Independence Day 2015 my friends and as per usual I am here once again with a few images that reflect a sense of pride in these United States and in the support of the red, white and blue American Flag. Let’s get right down to it. First up is a great and massive flag that waves over the streets of Newburgh, NY where I just visited some friends.


I have to apologize to my buddy who always has to deal with my sudden bursts of photographic mania when we are driving around in his region. I can only imagine how that can be. Sorry dude but its for good use as you see here 🙂





I’ve mentioned that we keep the creative command here in Bay Ridge Brooklyn and I love it here very much. Locals might not be aware of this but on 73rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue have the most flags hanging outside of the houses that I have ever seen before in my life. According to a friend who has a very mobile job and sees this block often this is NOT only for patriotic days such as this but is year round. Nice work 73rd Street. I salute you.





Last night, the Fort Hamilton Army Base held a concert for dignitaries and afterwards there was a fireworks display in the harbor right near the Verrazano Bridge. I secured a space under the bridge and let my Note 4 mobile device capture most of this display. I hope you like it and pardon the momentary vertigo of the capture, I initially felt that I was recording it properly.

So a little bit of a simple one this time around, but sometimes brief is best.

Happy Birthday America.

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