Happy Halloween 2010 Everybody!!!

Halloween is really one of my favorite times of the year and I think that all of the fun that one can have along with how much creativity people demonstrate in terms of their costumes is what makes me feel this way.  Of course had I said this as a youth I would have likely said the candy was paramount but these days one needs to watch the calories.   Moving along, this year I decided to go through some odd and spooky images and present them to you all in a little Halloween hell-o.  I also captured some ghoulish delights around the city in my wanderings so who knows, perhaps I will make this a yearly thing.  Only time will tell.  These first few photos are from a gig that was happening at B.B. King’s and if memory serves me correctly, this was a show by The Misfits.  Dim the lights, and snuggle close to someone you trust because these characters sure looked scary.  This first ghoul was out to get the patrons of B.B. King’s without question but the wraith would later get a whopping care of Jerry Only and the rest of the band.

His demeanor was not his fault at all, and dare I say “the devil made him do it?”.  I know that was corny but yet the best way to lead into our next photo of Mr. Mephisto himself, the true Prince of Darkness (sorry Ozzy) – Satan.   He was looking for souls to steal tonight and he wouldn’t have anyone challenging him with a fiddle.

The horned wonder seemed to have a top hat of some kind but I think he looked his menacing best without it.

This jasper looked a lot like the Crypt Keeper from those “Tales From The Crypt” shows that aired on HBO once.  Their all on DVD now and were based on the EC Comics line of Horror tales.

He also had a brother.  Double trouble I would imagine.

The venue was clearly having an issue with bats this evening and I steered clear in the event that it was actually one of the Vampire legions of the night.  Lucky for everyone inside this did not seem to be the case.

Moving around the city a little more I came upon this foreboding ghoul standing guard at one of the many stairwells in the Big Apple.

And this “Prisoner” cannot care anymore since his life is no longer his own now.  Hope some of you catch the Iron Maiden reference in there.  I was trying to be clever.

This mummified miscreant stood posted near some mail boxes and sometimes while waiting on the USPS lines I feel exactly how he looks.

The witches of East New York fly above our heads and look to be interested in one of the brownstone’s we happened by.

Sadly, sometimes their GPS doesn’t function properly and this is what happens as a result of that.

Further on down the road some creepy Boogens were lurking around amidst the foliage.  Cobwebs and corpses in every direction so I kept on moving since I was not looking for problems.

As I saw this little spectre I had to wonder if it was for all those deceased beanie babies out there.  It looked like a kitten of some kind.

Although at this point I was becoming a weary traveler and felt the need to help this lovely deceased couple celebrate their nuptials.  So a quick shot of absinthe was in order and off I went.  Congratulations you two.

Those seeking the wisdom of the Great Pumpkin had a number of places to lie in wait as we see here on one of the many stoops in NYC.

You could also walk down 34th street near Madison Square Garden and see several pumpkin patches if you found that more to your fancy.

and here is another ….

Feeling a slight chill, I glanced above and saw this ghost flying by and that was a nice sight because you can never have too many ghosts.  Snicker.

One of the restaurants I visited around this week also had another ghoulish celebration going on above my head with another ghost bride and her mate.  Talk about until death don’t you part.

Hubby was close by so I didn’t attempt a dance.  I generally lean more towards the bridesmaids anyways 🙂

Even the witches came out to rock at this affair.

Sadly when we realized that this establishment also had a bat problem we opted to adventure out into the darkness a little more.  Plus I was feeling the hunger of the undead by this point.

There is no shortage of places to find fresh blood or a heaping dose of brains for the zombie in y0u, so I opted for an old stand by of Acme who had this sinister character standing guard.

I walked in thinking of the Wednesday 13 song “Till Death Do Us Party” since it prominently features Mr. Voorhees and decided to trust my judgment.

Abandon all hope ye who enter here and know that the cover charge is your immortal soul.   Don’t worry, you are bound to know more people than you realize in the great beyond.

“Alas poor Yorick, I knew him Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest”.

The Great Pumpkin Has Arrived

Oh look who’s finally here, it’s the Great Pumpkin NYC.  Hope you enjoyed our little narrative because I had fun presenting some of the creepy crawlies seen around over the last couple of weeks.


Over on our music reporting site, PiercingMetal.com, we’ve reviewed a number of talented groups that clearly go bump in the night and leave you ravenous for more.  One such band is The Misfits, a group that got the whole Horror Punk genre in gear.  If you want to see a lot of photos and spooky images that related to them in concert along with one of their former members Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein just click THIS LINK. Another Groovy Ghoul is Mr. Wednesday 13 who kicks it up a shock with his rousing antics on stage and some really memorable songs.  We’ve attended a healthy number of Wednesday’s performances since starting the site and if you want to learn more about him, all of his concert references on the main writing site can be enjoyed by clicking THIS LINK. Last and certainly not least is the Monster Mashable (or Moshable) Madness of Mr. Lordi and his band. Some galleries of their over the top presentation can be observed by clicking THIS LINK.

Have a Happy Halloween, and don’t bite into any suspicious apples.  Feel free to send over any surplus candy to our HQ.  It will be put to good use.

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