Happy Fourth Of July 2014 NYC :)

It’s Independence Day in NYC and I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Happy Fourth Of July. As is my usual practice, I’ve culled together some images that I felt properly represent the day. Let’s start off with this awesome figurine from the folks at Safari Limited. I saw this as the 2014 Toy Fair and thought it would be great.


Next up is this flag that I saw hanging in Smith’s Bar, a space that is a usual pre-gaming spot for my friends and I when we are seeing shows at the Best Buy Theater or B.B. King Blues Club.


Last and certainly not lease is this humble display of patriotism, oh wait, there is nothing humble about this tremendous flag hanging and covering a two story building in my Bay Ridge neighborhood. As I was shooting this image, I felt the rousing need to start chanting “USA, USA, USA” at the top of my lungs but since I was alone on this photo mission I figured that I would save it for another time.


Last but not least is something that I could not resist adding to this post and that is my “Marvel Legends” series 1 Captain America figure. He is MOC which means “mint on card” for all you non-geeks out there. The term translates into “I didn’t open the package” if you were curious. I felt that this hero represented Independence Day as well.


Here’s hoping that you have some good times with family and friends today. Please drink responsibly and never ever when you need to drive yourself or others home.  Since the weekend is looking to be nice, I suggest hitting some historic site or museum if you have not gone away somewhere.  I know there is a lot of that stuff right here in my own NYC but think you out of towners have some nice choices as well.

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