Happy Flag Day 2015

Today is Flag Day here in the good ole United States of America and one of the things that we find most proud residents of the country doing is showcasing an American Flag somewhere. It might be hanging proudly in your front yard or from a window in your apartment. Perhaps its even a simple lapel pin, but on this day the red, white and blue should always ring true somewhere.


Over the past few years of this blogs existence I’ve penned narratives about numerous holidays or special occasion days but this one is the very first for Flag Day and with that in mind I needed a special photograph. The image below features a very keen flag patch that was made by my late Grandmother back when she was heavily into her arts and crafts. She really made a lot of cool things to be quite honest, and when I saw this in a box of special keepsakes that I had I knew it should be my image for Flag Day. I was glad that I re-discovered this and that I still had it because it brought back special memories. Okay readers that is it for now, stay awesome and I will see you with the next whatever it is soon for sure.

Learn more about Flag Day via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_Day_%28United_States%29

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