Happy Easter 2013 NYC!!!

Just a quick post to wish our readers a very “Happy Easter” today, and while we fully realize that some of you were also celebrating Passover this past week, I extend a “Happy Pesach” to you folks as well. We do Easter over here in case you wondered and with that being the case I snapped some images specific to the day.


Before you get too deep into the posting you should know that I kept the theme to the goodies that often make up Easter baskets. Snapping these remembered that my Grandmother and my Mom would always have one for me when I was growing up. Man do I miss those kind of things.


These bunnies look to need a little more physical activity after too much chocolate covered carrots.


Peeps!!! What else can one say about these melt in your mouth bird shaped yummies. Sugar coma maybe 🙂


The best and worst thing about Easter candy is the Cream Egg. Talk about a guilty pleasure. I do need to go and get myself a couple of these since they are seasonal. Just like the Shamrock Shake we spoke about during the St. Patrick’s Day posting.


This group of stuffed bunnies was found in the local DII variety store.


Here is an Easter Bunny door or wall decoration.


And more stuffed bunnies. I only shot the one of the bunch for this purpose.


That’s all I have for this little posting. Once again “Happy Easter” if you are celebrating this holiday.

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