Happy Earth Day 2014 World

Today is Earth Day and while not a holiday of any real kind, its surely important to try to pay a little more mind to the way we treat this place upon which we walk and go about our daily routines.

Photo - Earth Day Flag

Some readers might recall that I love to share photos of my immediate area and one spot in particular is where some spectacular views of the Verrazano Bridge can be viewed. Depending on the time and the temperature it can be quite an awesome experience. Well, the other day I decided to keep walking the bike path to pass the bridge because I felt that some of the visuals I would get would be perfect for Earth Day in a sense.


Just passed the bridge is a little inlet beach kind of space and a closed off walking pier. It’s without question a terribly filthy and disgusting little spot and the concrete structure needs to be completely replaced in my humble opinion.



Tires everywhere and junk. All different kinds from driftwood to garbage to random pieces of metal. Yuck. I think combat boots would be the safest thing to walk on this in.



It might be a pretty usable and nice space if it were cleaner as I glanced at the water and the bridge again. Now let’s look at the pier.


Not too bad on this particular view but when you look over the side, its yeesh. Probably too dangerous to walk on and I guess the constant barrage of water does not make it any better.






So while there does not appear to be anything easily done down on this little piece of shore in terms of its own cleanup, please do try to remember to toss the rubbish in the bins and recycle as much as is possible or even re-purpose some things that you might otherwise turn to garbage. If we don’t do more of that in our daily lives, then nature suffers as you can see. No one wants that right?


This was as close as I could get to the area since its private property and owned by the army base. I didn’t want a fine and a six month jail sentence and it seems pretty treacherous down there anyway for me to even brave alone.


Closing up I will just say be kind to others but be kind to our planet at the same time. This isn’t me being a tree hugger but more just realizing how awesome a lot of what we see around us really is. Might as well be respectful while we can do so right? See you next time.

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