Happy 130th Birthday To Lady Liberty

Today is the 130th Birthday of a very special resident of New York City. Yes my friends, it is the 130th for the amazing Statue Of Liberty who has welcomed millions of visitors to our metropolis and the surrounding regions.

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Happy Birthday Miss 🙂

The statue was a gift from France way back when and you can learn all of the finer details on the official Wikipedia entry that I have pasted at the close of the birthday wish. The photo that you see above was taken by me with the Samsung point and shoot while attending an event called Blogger Bash. The event came with a short harbor cruise and we passed by the statue so everyone was snapping away. I’ve not been to the actual Liberty Island in many years so thinking that I need to do that sort of excursion once more. Who’s up for some tourism? I love exploring my city and sharing the fun right here on the Chronicles so let’s get some plans in gear. See you next time.

Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_of_Liberty

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