Happy 10th Anniversary To Twitter

I’m not one to generally celebrate the 10th Anniversary of a Social Network but I have been enjoying the use of Twitter on both of my websites for some time now and with today being their special milestone I said why the heck not. I decided to make my toast a bit more connected to my mediums as I was able to find out exactly what my first tweet was for each of my website accounts. I’ve shared them with you along with some thoughts about each of below so check it all out after the logo.

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Before I begin I should state that I was not the earliest adopter to Twitter and didn’t have accounts until 2009. This account was created second and began being used in June and I’ll start off with the PiercingKen account since we are raising the glass on that website. What amuses me about its first tweet is the fact that it relates more to the PiercingMetal outlet than this one. I was a frequent user of the Foursquare app on my mobile device and would periodically “Check In” to places on that service. For some reason I connected the PiercingKen Twitter to the service because it was always dealing with food and drink stuff more so than “Being Metal” and when I was hitting a concert venue I would do the same sort of checking in. It made no sense to have a different ID in Foursquare (which is now called Swarm) so I left it alone. The PiercingKen Swarm, Twitter and Facebook page are more aimed at Lifestyle and some of that includes my music themed website. As you read this there are about 2,884 tweets but only a couple of hundred followers. Most of my tweets are sent there via other mediums like Instagram, Foodspotting and Yelp. I could be better at it but there is only so much time in the day.

first tweet piercingken, first tweet, piercingken twitter, twitter firsts
@PiercingKen on Twitter

The PiercingMetal Twitter went online in March of 2009, some three months before the previously discussed PiercingKen account and with this account I really try to keep it as close to the Metal Adventuring as possible. It’s a regular feed of my postings on the PiercingMetal.com website and at one point did the same thing when the PiercingMetal Musings Blog was a side presence. Those two sides of the coin merged into one back in June 2014 in case you didn’t know. I used to connect the Official Facebook to our site Twitter but have recently disconnected them to allow Facebook to be worked on when I feel like posting to it. Doing this lets me use the site Twitter a bit more effectively and use its tagging or referrals better. As you read this there are 4,137 tweets and just over 1100 followers. It could be a little better but as I said a lot of what I do is fed to these accounts from other stuff. With our Twitter it was always going right from the Facebook so probably sounded a bit mechanical as opposed to like me aiming to spark your interest into something. Keeping it as its own unique thing should allow for a little better flow on this one.

first tweet piercingmetal, first tweet, piercingmetal twitter, twitter firsts
@PiercingMetal on Twitter

Even after using these accounts for seven years I am still not the rocket scientist at them. I am terrible at realizing that a question is being aimed at me and so I seldom answer someone. I always feel that my reply to them is out in the open and I am not comfortable with that. Considering that each of my websites has numerous ways to reach me I lean to those aspects to be communicated with. Simply put, direct messages to me are the preferred method. I love to retweet things that interest me most and on the same token love when tweets I have done get retweeted (especially if they end up sending the websites some traffic love). I am not the biggest fan of tweets being favorited though because that doesn’t really help anything to my knowledge. I guess its cool since it shows that someone has “liked” your tweet but to me unless it leads you to more followers or some site traffic then its pointless. Your followers don’t see tweets that you have favorited so it strikes me as the technological version of the fist bump. Like I said its still nice seeing it done just the same. Closing up thanks to anyone who is following our accounts and finding what is being posted on PiercingKen.com and PiercingMetal.com to their liking. I’m enjoying having both sides of the creative fence being sources of entertainment for you and I hope they keep you amused and curious about music and lifestyle things around you. Happy 10th Anniversary Twitter. Thanks for being a means of reaching people. Here’s to the next ten.

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Official Wikipedia for Twitter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twitter

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