“Greetings From Brooklyn”

Today is Earth Day, and while I would have loved to share a photo of the whole planet with my wonderful readers, I had to settle on that little place I call home New York City. The photo you see below was shot by me yesterday as I stood on the bank of the East River in the aptly named “East River Park”.


It was a beautiful day here in NYC and I was at the 1st Annual Hot Sauce Expo and just could not resist sharing a quick visual of our Big Apple with all of you. I shot this with the Droid phone and uploaded it to Facebook, so some of my first viewers saw it there. If you get over to these parts during the last few weeks of Spring or in the Summer, so take a wander here and snap your own shot. You will not regret doing so. Obviously the photo shows some of the East River, the Empire State Building and to your right a tiny bit of the Chrysler Building. Happy Earth Day my friends. Treat her and each other with kindness. We’ve only so much time to spend together after all. Oh yeah and if you’d like to see that Hot Sauce Expo that I said I was attending you can click HERE for that article. It’s over on my PiercingMetal site.

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