Goodnight To “Tardar Sauce” aka “Grumpy Cat” (2012-2019)

grumpy cat, tartar sauce

Hello my friends, its with great sadness that I share the news about the recent passing of the beloved feline Internet sensation “Grumpy Cat”. Her real name was Tardar Sauce and the tweet from her loving family can be found below.

I loved everything about Grumpy Cat and thought all of the plush items and other signature things I would see at Toy Fair were terrific and made the world smile just a little bit more than normal. I even got to meet her at the 2014 Toy Fair which you can see in this photo below that was shot by our friend Skeleton Pete Parrella. As she was sleeping mostly and content we were not permitted to pet her or disturb her. This was at the Gund booth who had a nice line of plush creations with her stern visage on them. They were adorable but this would be the only time that I would get to see her in person.

grumpy cat, tardar sauce, piercingmetal ken pierce, photo by skeleton pete parrella

On behalf of “The Chronicles” Of Piercing Ken, we wish the family the deepest of condolences during this hard time. As a cat owner who has gone through this a number of times already I know just how heartbreaking it can be. Rest in Peace Grumpy Cat, and thank you for bringing the world a little closer together with your adventures. You’ll be missed for sure.

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