“Good Friday” Eats @ Pho Hoai Bay Ridge

We are smack dab in the middle of the Easter weekend and with this being a holiday that I celebrate as a card-carrying Catholic, I do my best to fast on Good Friday and have one meal only. It’s also stressed that no meat be involved so keeping it to fish is what I always try to do on this particular day. After my morning coffee, I did my best to distract myself from any noshing or bites of this and that by working on photos and such. When it came to finally getting something to eat, I had decided upon the nearby Pho Hoai Vietnamese restaurant in my Bay Ridge neighborhood and since I LOVE showcasing food here on The Chronicles, wanted to share my selections with you all.

Let’s start off with the appetizers of crispy calamari. They make a nice batch of the stuff but its not like the crispy squid in garlic sauce that I love to death from Nha Trang in Manhattan. They do serve it with a tasty gelatinous sort of dip but its not the same IMHO.

pho hai, vietnamese cuisine

I’m a big fan of these Summer Rolls. They are like egg rolls in terms of shape but are served cold with a peanut sauce. Inside is greens and shrimp and so forth. It’s a refreshing appetizer for sure. Oh BTW I usually add some Sriracha sauce to the peanut sauce. Adds a nice kick.

pho hai, vietnamese cuisine

My main course was a hearty seafood soup and with this dish everything was collected into two containers. Some of you might remember the time that I assembled the soup from beginning to its end in one of our earliest food posts. Go HERE if you don’t know what I am talking about. This soup was loaded with all sorts of seafood and veggies. I always make sure to use all the bean sprouts and fresh basil that they give you too since it makes it even better. Another personal preference is dosing this up with the red hot sauce. Mmmmm good.

pho hai, vietnamese cuisine

So that’s all I have about the matter and I hope that if you are in Bay Ridge that you will drop in to Pho Hoai for a bite to eat. Look them up on YELP! and scroll through to find our own commentary about the place.

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