Getting My NY Blood Center Donation Game On :)

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Just this past Wednesday, I saw that the New York Blood Center truck was doing their regular drive at the Greenhouse Cafe in my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and since I had met the proper time between donations, I felt that I should list myself to get on the bus for them to take another pint of life saving blood. The donation process doesn’t bother me at all (outside of the lengthy Q&A on the form) and with that being the case I try to do this whenever I can. The photos below are from before, during and after and were sent up to our Official Instagram. Take a look.

I mentioned that the process doesn’t bother me and believe me I am not lying to you. You only feel a pinch during the setup and it will take between five and ten minutes to complete the donation of a pint of blood. Depending on the need they usually fill a few vials first which is done when they are seeking platelets and such. You should have something in your stomach first of course and I had a bowl of Cap’n Crunch and a couple of cups of coffee before I did this. They advise against doing this on an empty stomach and after you are done you get your choice of assorted juices or water and chips, cookies or pretzels. When its all said and done the blood goes to help save someones life so its a good idea to donate if you think that you can do it. Remember you get cool bragging rights items and a neato card like I have. There is also an online profile system which I still need to set myself up on but I will do it to find out just how many I have donated by this point. Thanks for listening.

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