Getting My Geek On….Well, At Least Where I Used To…..

Was wandering around my neighborhood the other day (a practice I am generally involved in) and happened by a spot that I have not thought about in a very long time. The main reason for this is based on the location not being what I originally knew it to be for many, many years. Do any of you readers recognize the spot which is on the corner of Fourth Avenue and 94th Street?


If you don’t this was the former location of a place called Bill and Bob’s Comics and I went there religiously each and every week with the allowance money and eventually the earnings from odd jobs during the course of my youth. To say that I spent a lot of money there over the years would be an understatement. It was here I went from a couple of books a week to full on runs of Marvel and DC Comics with the occasional Image or Valiant title when those became popular and they even allowed you the means to easily get complete boxes of the latest trading cards. Action figures were not as much a big deal when this place was in its heyday and I don’t recall them really having any in their later years but I might be mistaken in that. It was run by a father and son team and would close when the Dad passed away while at the same time moving down to a part of Park Slope. Now that is also gone to my knowledge but there are other comic shops in each region that you can get to with minimal travel.


Just sharing a recollection with you. Sadly I have no “classic shots” of the store but originally it was only the left hand side of the visible space and eventually expanded when the right side became available. Despite that I do remember that it was in here that I first purchased many iconic titles like “The Dark Knight Returns”, “Watchmen”, the #1 issue of “Spider-Man” by Todd McFarlane, “Crisis On Infinite Earth” and the eventual “Death Of Superman”. I can go on and on, but another important fact was the back issue boxes allowed me to quickly complete collections or series runs. Yeah I had a lot of luck in them back then. Eventually some kind of interior decorating service took it over if memory serves me but I believe they have also shut down at this point in time. If you remember the place and feel like reflecting as well, the comments are open for such things.

Talk again soon.

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