Getting My Food On @ Villa Verde Restaurant

A couple of days ago I posted a blog with some quick photos of a scenic view I had while on a family gathering. We had all convened at a Spanish/Portuguese restaurant called Villa Verde and it is located in Wayne, NJ. Anyways, I am one who sometimes considers himself a foodie and while not someone with a upper echelon palate I like what I like, and Spanish cuisine is one of them.

After seeing how the Foodspotting website worked with its members taking pics of food and sharing it with the member community, I figured I would practice for my own submissions by taking photos of the fine far being offered up here at Villa Verde. Starting us off here is a plate of mussels. They were very tasty but my only problem with mussels is how the actual mussel is so very small. You end up eating a bunch of them if your really hungry I will say that much.

Next on the table were some amazing chorizos and I did a number on these since I don’t get to eat them all that often.

Some stuffed mushrooms. I liked but did not love these. I am still kind of amazed at how I even eat mushrooms now considering for many years I avoided them like the plague. Not sure why but I do use them a lot nowadays. Hmm, that makes me think that a nice chorizo and portabello mushroom dish might be nice to make. If I do it, I will post the recipe here in my cooking with Ken section.

Here is a pretty standard but still tasty fried calamari. Don’t get me wrong as they did a fine job of it but I have been spoiled to this kind of cuisine ever since I went to my now favorite Vietnamese restaurant Nha Trang and sampled their crispy squid in garlic. OK, I am hungry just writing that down.

The baked clams were a popular hit at the table and as you see I could not even get my photo fast enough without someone snaring one of the plates occupants. They did a nice job on the clams for sure.

I saw these shrimp listed as “Riojasm Shrimp” and I am sorry that I do not know what that means. I guess its the way they prepare them. As a shrimp lover there are really no ways you can offer me shrimp and not have it appease my appetite. Suffice it to say there was a lot of seafood going on at the place. Never a bad thing unless you are allergic to the stuff. Oh in this shot you can see the bread as well, and I believe they made this in house. I love bread. LOVE it.

This was a simple plate of yellow rice. It was nice to have this on the table as well. I usually order this kind of rice with black beans when I order Mexican food but this was not a Mexican restaurant of course.

One of the folks at my table had ordered salmon as their entree so I snapped a photo of this for you to see. As you might notice it comes with a veggie medley and some in house prepared potato chips. I’ve seen this at a few places of late and I enjoy it if they do it properly.

I ordered the Filet Mignon simply because it was Filet Mignon. I’m not going to pass that up. It was good.

Cake. What else should I say?

More Cake 🙂

This is flan. That’s a tasty caramel custard for dessert.

Check them out if you are ever in Wayne, NJ or close enough to visit them. I liked it enough and should I be in the region you know I will be heading there for sure to enjoy more tasty goodness. If you want to check out my Foodspotting please click HERE or read some Yelps click HERE.

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