Foodies Unite! Presenting “Eatellia” A New Food Photo Network

Recently, I lamented about the ending of the Foodspotting App in a post that can be found HERE. I loved it at first since it was easy to use and help broadcast that which I was eating but over the most recent months it seemed like it was falling to the wayside. I’d learn that it was because it was heading towards its end thanks to a purchase by OpenTable and now its time to move on.

This post is to introduce our readers to an app that was learned about while trying to get all of our photos back from Foodspotting but more on that later. Foodies of the world, behold “EATELLIA” – a Social Network that appears to keep it simple and functional which is a win, win idea in my book. Take a look at my profile down below.

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So while you see there are some “700” or so photos in the profile, I’ve only been using Eatellia for a few days. I was able to still import almost all of my Foodspotting images into this account. Sadly, I think the window for that kind of old Foodspotting integration is closed but you can try. Speaking frankly, I am quite disappointed in the lack of communication from OpenTable to the Foodspotting user community about their accounts and images. With the technology available today, the means to access ones images and perhaps move onto a brand-new OT account should have been communicated. The failure to do so makes me feel that my personal information was just purchased by yet another medium and I will be making sure that there is no trace of me on OT for the time being. It’s not a network I think that I need but I digress.

So far Eatellia is a fun app for me to use and since I don’t really like posting food images on Instagram and pretty much abhor the use of Facebook for anything other than feeds to “The Chronicles” or, think I will be continuing to utilize it. If I’m able to secure my press credentials for the Summer Fancy Food Show this year, you can count on my loading the account up with photos like you might recall seeing HERE. If you consider yourself a proper Foodie, then take that stuff off of the other socials and make them stand with something new. I’ve got their link down below for you to examine along with ones for both Yelp and OpenTable – the first so you can provide some value to the mix and the second to try and reclaim your Foodspotting stuff.

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