Evidence Of Incredible Hulk Frustration Observed Near PiercingMetal HQ

In hindsight I probably should have posted these photos when I first took them, but I didn’t because at first I was not too sure what had happened and then when I realized what it was, I simply didn’t want cause alarm among the general populace of my region. Still there is no time like the present and its very clear that had a semi-close encounter with the Incredible Hulk right up the street from our PiercingMetal HQ. Talk about a close call.

Clearly something pissed off the emerald giant, and it was very likely something that we shall learn more about in this weeks upcoming “Avengers” film. As you can see this alarm box was made very short work of but I expected this result in this kind of encounter. Its almost like a metal pretzel.

That being said, its all I have for you today. Be careful out there my friends.

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