Digging Into The Pick Up Band @ Smith’s (7/2/2014)

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So I had just finished rocking out with the great Night Ranger over at the B.B. King Blues Club and since it was rather early, my friend suggested a couple of more beers over at Smith’s Bar. Considering that I would have train company for the always long ride home to Bay Ridge thanks to his being there I said sure, so once I finished up with some of the media duties that come with being a music scribe, I headed back to Smith’s. Yes, I did say back as I had done a little pregaming there prior to the gig. Anyway, while my friend and I discussed current and not so current events, there was a band performing on the larger restaurant space side of Smith’s and they were really delivering some solid stuff. I grabbed my trusty Panasonic Lumix from my camera bag and snagged a few videos that I will share with you now.

I was sad to catch only the tail end of Supertramp’s “Give A Little Bit” since they were absolutely killing it up there. This is such a wonderful tune and done quite well.

The great David Bowie was given a nod not long after. I should mention I was not recording all their set but almost wish that I had since I was enjoying it so much.

I had to chuckle at their choice of Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” since I did not mention to them during the break that I had just come back from the show.

When they finished up a set I learned that they were not scheduled to play but instead were filling a gap and just playing songs that they knew together. The drummer Lincoln Hubley while John Merjave is handling guitars and as you can see in the clips they both sing rather well. I hope to see these guys again and hope that they pay a visit to my neighborhood’s own Three Jolly Pigeons since I feel they would fit in perfectly there.

I hope you enjoyed these clips as much as I did and for now I am out of here 🙂

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