Cue: BroadwayCon Will Return To Midtown In 2019

Earlier in the year, I attended my first-ever BroadwayCon which was held at the Javits Center. The other day we learned of some news about the 2019 convention on their blog so we’ve shared this press release with you below should this happening be of interest to you.

The Press Release:
We can finally tell you what we have in store for 2019! The first three years of BroadwayCon have featured incredible performances, new friendships, and lots of fun. And now we’re moving the fun back into the theatre district.

BroadwayCon is at its best when it’s in the center of it all, so we are bringing it back inland and are thrilled to announce that BroadwayCon 2019 will return to where we started: the Hilton Midtown, with the addition of the beautiful, historic Ziegfeld Ballroom next door. Mark your calendars! BroadwayCon 2019 will take place January 11–13.

It’s been a great two years at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center but we could not be more excited to bring BroadwayCon back to the heart of the city that is integral to the Broadway community we know and love. Snag tickets to a show during the weekend? Now you’ll be able to squeeze in one last panel or singalong before the curtain rises. Tired of the same food court offerings? We are too! At the Hilton Midtown, you’ll be just minutes away from a huge variety of restaurants serving nearly every cuisine, and they deliver!

If you stay with us at the Hilton Midtown (and we recommend that you do; we will have a special convention rate available very shortly!), you’ll be just steps away from BroadwayCon every morning. Instead of packing your bag with everything you might need for the day and waiting for the shuttle just to get to BroadwayCon, all you’ll need is your badge! If your phone dies or you forget to grab a Playbill for your autograph session that day, your room will be just an elevator ride away. And if there’s a blizzard? Well, you know the drill!

Each year, BroadwayCon has grown bigger and better, and BroadwayCon 2019 is no exception. We’ll have more programming and more space at the Hilton than ever before, and we’ll be bringing you regular updates about all the fun we’ve got planned this time around. Make sure to follow @BwayCon across social media and sign up to receive our emails!

We can’t wait to celebrate another BroadwayCon with you! Your BroadwayCon Team

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: It was through an amazing stroke of media luck that I was able to bring “The Chronicles” right into the mix of the 2018 BroadwayCon as press based on it’s being held in tandem with the Progressive Insurance Boat Show and the NY Times Travel Show. The event itself had intrigued me and I loved the overall experience so much that in addition to my posts about it on the website (seen HERE), I loaded up our Official Instagram for good measure. 2018 marked my first-ever attendance of this event, and I will not only be listing the 2019 days on our Calendar to rally the masses, I will also be looking to attend once again and deliver a brand-new story. I think the move to the Hilton Midtown is probably a good idea based on what this actually is. What do you think about the move and if you’ve attended before, what are your thoughts about the convention itself. Chime in down below.

PS: For those interested in seeing the findings from the New York Times Travel Show click HERE.

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