Command Z Strikes The Bitter End (7/20/2013)

One of the things I like to do with the personal blog is to periodically showcase some of the talented friends that I have in my circle whether they be music, art or something else. One such project is the band Command Z that features one of my best buddies (and occasional PiercingMetal contributor) Joe Kaufman on lead guitar, Tom Quigley on lead guitar, Larry Corban on bass and Brian McMahon on drums. The band used to feature Trig on drums but he has since left the group. I’m happy to say that I’ve known most of these lads for more than twenty years apiece and a couple of them even longer. Here is their striking logo.

Logo - Command Z

This post is to showcase the videos that I snagged during their debut appearance at The Bitter End club in the West Village. Joe always makes up these wild posters for them so I cribbed it from their Official Facebook page and used it here for your viewing pleasure. Pretty wild huh?

Flyer - Command Z - Bitter End 2013

Since this was not technically Metal stuff, I loaded up the clips onto my personal channel so they could be used best in the personal blog. These days it seems to be impossible to find anything in Facebook so I get them here and tag it all up nice. First up is “Evil” which while I know it best from being a tune by the mighty Cactus, is actually an old Howlin’ Wolf tune. I think it would be fun to see Jimmy of Cactus jamming out on the stage with the guys on this one.

“Chemical Girl” is an original that is written and sung by my friend Joe. Clever tune, nice melody.

Time for a little Metal magic as Tom introduces “The Wizard” which is a Black Sabbath tune. Tom also says some great things about the bands raison d’etre and even gives me a little shout out. Thanks buddy.

This was the first time that I had ever been to the Bitter End club and I really liked it. If I went before I have forgotten for some reason. When you enter you pay and mention the band you are there to see. That lets them get paid so please don’t forget to do that. I’ve got a whole set of photos of the band online with my Flickr account and you can enjoy them by clicking HERE I only ask that if you must download any that you please cite the creative source.

Official Links:
Command Z Site: Coming Soon
Command Z Facebook:
Command Z Reverbnation:

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