Celebrating Ten Years Of Music Journalism (9/20/2003-9/20/2013)

Today is a day that I am celebrating my Music Journalist passion with a little more resolve because believe it or not this marks the tenth anniversary of my deciding to pursue this craft. I’ve penned a personal blog about it on my Official PiercingMetal Blog because that is where almost all of that kind of writing has landed and you can check out that post by clicking the image below.

I wanted to share this with the folks who might only be following the Lifestyle Blog stuff because I felt it was a very important piece of my creative history. I hope that you enjoy it and ask that if you should feel the need to comment that you leave it on that story itself. Actually you will have to since the comments are disabled in this post.

On a related topic I will say how that pursuit led me to creating and running with this blog as well and while it is not always easy to figure out what it is all about, it maintains course and keeps a lighthearted and objective sense of balance. The blog is now officially halfway through its own fourth year so thank you all for the warm reception of this side of the fence as well.

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