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I Admit To Being Vanilla Sometimes :)

Oh and I am speaking of just a preferred flavor of choice and nothing quite as drastic as some of you might be thinking. Anyways, so the reason I am exclaiming this to you is based on a recent shopping adventure where I saw what lies in the photo below. I had never heard of Vanilla Syrup before but I guess it had to exist since I used to get Vanilla soda back when I was a young boy on shopping adventures with my Grandmother. There was one candy store who used to make soda as well and this was one of their concoctions. That and egg creams. Mmmmmm egg creams.

This stuff really upgrades a cold glass of milk if you are seeking something different than the chocolate syrup family. Of course I love those as well as my sometimes expanding waistline tells me. I have yet to sample this delicious stuff in any other offering but feel it might work well over some of the coffee as it brews or perhaps even on ice cream. The trick of using this stuff is to pour carefully as its much thinner in consistency than chocolate syrup and clear so you can easily overload your spoon. Either way, I am glad that I picked this up. I love it.

That’s all I got for you now. Please continue along with your business.

For The Record….Or In The Bag – Either Works :)

Record Factory Bag that is. I was recently browsing through some old collections of stuff and found some old magazines, LP’s and of course those wonderful 45’s that so many of us had in our possession as vinyl people back in the day. So anyway, a good handful of the 45’s were in this little bag and I snapped a photo of it to remind us of a time so long ago.


Since many of the PiercingKen blog readers are not from this exact region let me explain a little bit about the historical significance of this find. Way back in the day when you could still find pre-recorded albums on cassette and 8-track tape, the LP ruled the roost. They lived in bins that spanned large floor spaces and new releases were up on the wall. The 45’s were in a bin behind the register and this was the bag you left the store with at the establishment known as Record Factory. Going to this place on 86th off 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge was always something you did with your friends and you almost always left with something. Over the years I can easily say that I dropped hundreds and hundreds of dollars in this place. I smiled a little bit thinking about those treks to the store with my band buddies as we looked for the latest Hard Rock and Metal release.

Eventually the tapes went away, then the albums to make room for CD’s. Finally the store went away as well and in its place stands a cell phone outlet for one of the big providers. Close by the Record Factory was another haunt called The Little Record Store which was also loved since it always had Metal imports to browse. That’s gone too. If you wondered, there are now no less than eleven cell phone stores between 4th Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway on 86th Street. Some of them majors and others these little fly by the minute joints. The times they are indeed a changing.

Happy 7 Eleven Day New York City :)

Today was 7-11-2011 and what better way to celebrate it than with a free small Slurpee courtesy of our local 7 Eleven franchise.  When one adds to the fact that it was about 90 degrees in the shade today it made for a perfect side trip from my errands and something worthy of one of our Shopping Madness postings.  Why not right?

Bay Ridge 7 Eleven Store

The HQ is located in close proximity to this store and while I had once wandered down to the one on 65th Street while looking for the KISS Cups, I was certainly not going to do that today.  It was just too hot.  So anyways, into the store I went and I was a little surprised to see no clear and visible signage about the free Slurpees but when I inquired at the counter I was handed not one, but two small cups.  The size of those cups are nothing more than a tease, so I was glad that the clerk handed me two.  It must have been my smile and friendly approach.  That does work sometimes you know.  With the upcoming Captain America movie coming out in a little over a week, I decided to go with a patriotic theme with my Slurpees.  I poured one blueberry and one cherry.  Of course I didn’t set them correctly for the photo purposes but like I said, it was 90 degrees in the shade.

I managed to avoid a brain freeze somehow but as you can see via the next image these two treats did not stand a chance.

Here is a better visual of the very festive cup.  No, I did not keep them, but I did put them in the recycle bin.  I think that is what I was supposed to do.

Thanks to 7 Eleven for offering this little premium for their customers.  It was the perfect day for it.  Also thanks to my Dad for letting me know this was going on in the first place.  I had no idea until I saw his email.  Enjoy the summer everyone and try to stay as cool and as hydrated as possible.  It’s for your own good.

The M&M’s Are Among Us – Yum

But fear not because “they come in pieces” LOLOL.

I’m sorry, I can never resist the chance to be on the corny side so where was I.  Oh yes, I was wandering around in the Big Apple after some very interesting museum visiting with my colleague and I was curious to see what else would pique the interest of my photographic eye for your entertainment.  Sometimes just walking around the city is inspirational and this particular day I was seeing a lot of tourists walking around with shopping bags from the new M&M World store.

Since I love the candy and have never walked into the shop, I decided to see what was going on inside. Continue reading The M&M’s Are Among Us – Yum

King Tut Trinket Hunting @ The Discovery Center Gift Shop

A couple of weeks ago I went here….

Discovery Times Square Exposition Center

To see this guy….

Hail To The King

Continue reading King Tut Trinket Hunting @ The Discovery Center Gift Shop